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Icelandic Music
Welcome to icelandic_music! This community was created for LiveJournal users interested in music/musical acts hailing from Iceland. Whether it's pop, punk, rap, metal, or indie, it doesn't matter, as long as it's Icelandic. Naturally, there are a few rules:

1. No bashing other LiveJournal users.

2. No bashing of musical preferences.

3. No community advertising unless it pertains to Iceland/Icelandic music.

4. Be an active member and participate.

5. Make an introductory post, including your name, age, location, and why you are interested in Icelandic music.

6. Images larger than 300x500 pixels must be put behind an lj-cut. (What's that?)

7. For more than 2 pictures, use an lj-cut.

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions relating to the community and its rules, please contact the moderator, oncelosthorizon.

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