Jeffy (theotherqpc) wrote in icelandic_music,

loksins kem ég út með upptökunni Sigur Rósar!

my recording of the 23. Sept, 2005 Sigur Rós show in Madison, WI is at last available for download!

it's compressed in FLAC format, meaning that there's absolutely no loss in audio fidelity, as there would be with formats such as MP3 or Ogg Vorbis. i would prefer to keep all circulating copies in the highest quality available, so while you may make MP3s for your iPod, etc, please do not share them with other people - give them a full-quality CD instead!

in order to get this recording out to many people in a short period of time, i've chosen to distribute it through BitTorrent; essentially, you download a small file from me, open it with the BitTorrent program, and then download the concert from everybody else who's connected and down-/uploading. the more people downloading, the faster it goes.

download the Sigur Rós set here
download the Amina opening act here

cheers, and happy downloading!
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