Kicking Names & Taking Ass By All Means Unecessary (kling_klang_bed) wrote in icelandic_music,
Kicking Names & Taking Ass By All Means Unecessary

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Saell! I can't spell Icelandic letters on my comp, haha.
Anywho, letting everyoen know I've talked with the Icelandic metal band Potentiam and will be releasing a compilation CD of them quite soon here in America, with I hope a tour waiting in the wings. Haha I discussed the idea of touring with Sigur Ros with the band, since they have been longtime friends, but that would be too odd........

Anywho, about me.............I'm mostly Icelandic by blood and heritage, though never been there, love Icelandic bands such as The Leaves, Gus Gus, Sigur Ros (of course), and so on. Love the culture, music, every part of it. Feel free to add me by commenting in my journal, and look forward to many fun convos in here!
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