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hello. I just joined. hip hurrah!!!!

To do an introductory landscape,

I am twenty years old and I've been playing cello since I was seven. I live in Vancouver, B.C Canada. I grew up singing Icelandic folk songs with my gramma because her mum, my langamma was born in Iceland. She was a singer and sang for the president of Iceland one year when she was ninety nine or something. She never stopped singing. I still play icelandic folk songs on my cello. They are sad and happy at the same time. I like that. And of coarse love Bjork, sigur ros, Mum etc. I would like the members of the Icelandic string octet (Bjorks string section) and Sigur ros' string section to write a book about playing with them (in english so i can understand). It could be a good book.

Also I play in a art baroque punk band called The Winks and sew alot and go to music school and play lots of shows and tour too. Enough about me and more about Iceland!!!

I have the bad taste magazine that my dad bought online for my sisters and I. It's great. My mum can still speak Icelandic. She sounds lovely speaking it. I love the way it sounds. Of coarse I plan to visit Iceland one day.

I used to have a little flag of iceland but it got lost when my grand ma moved out of her house. I like how the string players in sigur ros are amplified they sound like sharp knives. The Icelandic string octet sounds more like "bluberries".

ta ta for now!
Love Tyr
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