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i'm clearing out my CD collection and figured some of you might be interested in some of the Icelandic discs i'm getting rid of. if you're interested in any of the following discs, comment to make an offer! i take good care of my CDs, so none of these should skip or have problems playing.

as a reference point, albums typically go for $20 US on
(apologies for the lack of diacritics - LJ is being fussy)

Bjork - Pagan Poetry CD1
Bjork - Pagan Poetry CD2
Bjork - Family Tree box set
Bjork et al - Gling-Glo
Daysleeper - EveAlice
gusGus - Polydistortion
Kippi Kaninus - Huggun
Kitchen Motors - Nart Nibbles (2 discs)
Maus - Allar Kenningar Heimsins...og Ogn Meira
Minus - Halldor Laxness (first edition)
Quarashi - Jinx (uncensored version)
Stars As Eyes - Loud New Shit (features remix by mum)
The Sugarcubes - Here Today, Tomorrow, Next Week!
The Sugarcubes - Stick Around for Joy
Trabant - Moment of Truth
Vinyl - EP
Worm Is Green - Automagic
various - Blue Skied An' Clear (2 discs, features mum track)
various - Rokk I Reykjavik (2 discs)

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