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new music i purchased yesterday

This may well be my very first post on this forum, i've been lurking for a few months now. Anyway, i was shopping with my girlfriend in Bristol yesterday when we entered this great indie music store, facing me as i entered was 'Sigur Ros - Von', which just made me so excited, then going through the music, there was a listening section of new artists, in there i found an artist i'd never heard of but loved the album - Stafraenn Hakon - I snapped up two of his albums also - 'Ventill/Poki' and '...skvettir edik a ref' - they are the most lush albums i probably own - even more so than Sigur Ros. 'Von' is a suprisingly straightforward album, what suprised me the most was how similar it was to the third album, as opposed to their second. I guess my preference on Sigur Ros goes like this:

1. Agaetis Byrjun
2. Ba Ba / Ti Ki / Di Do
3. ( )
4. Von

I also saw the kids comic book which Mum done the music for, but my girlfriend stopped me, though i'll definetely pick it up within the next two weeks i think. :)
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